Everyone should respect me; we should shine at all the forum possible etc. When we attain all these we keep aside and forget the poor, marginalised and weakest people of society. There are many sick, orphan, poor people with several difficulties exist in our society. In our Church we have very nice forum in the form of St Vincent De Paul to serve the poor and marginalised.

St Vincent De Paul association is founded in the year 1833 at Paris of France by a 30 year Youngman, Fredrick Ozanam. Today this association has spread too many corners of the world. This association silently helps the needy of the society and satisfies their needs.

In our Parish St Vincent De Paul association started on 11 – 12 – 1988 with the able direction of Rev. Fr Xavier Gomes and by the able guidance by Brother Philip Neri Pereira. There were 14 enthusiastic members. At the beginning year’s association adopted five poor families to look after their basic needs. Every week association gives rice to these families. This constant job has brought contentment in the association, now the association is able to reach out to more needy and marginalised in the parish. It has also broadened its shoulders even towards non – Christian families.

ince 1998 almost for 23 years we received wonderful support from Rev. Fr Francis Xavier Gomes, Rev. Fr Antony Lewis, Rev. Fr Isidore Monteiro, Rev. Fr Lawrence martis, Rev. Fr Micheal Santhumayor, Rev. Fr Anil D’Souza and at present by Rev. Fr Mark Valder. By their able direction we could able to reach to the excellence.

During the period of Brothers Philip Neri Periera, Lawrence Sequeira, Ambrose Serrao, Rexon Miranda and others who showed efficient leadership to carry out the mission. Presently Brother takes lead in fulfilling this task.

Some of the services rendered by St Vincent De Paul Association
1.    Since last 23 years, for at least 15 families, association has helped in lakhs of rupees.
2.    Educational aids and donation is given to the needy students.
3.    Sick people of the community are our major concerned people.
4.    We give special attention to those who go away from spiritual activities and loose contact with the Church.
5.    Spreading the awareness of awareness of alcoholism and making people aware.

At this juncture we fondly remember Late Rev. Fr Isidore Monteiro, Late Mr Alex D’Souza, Late Mr Joachim Pereira and late Mr Baptist Sequeira, may God give them eternal rest.

We are grateful to all the donors of association especially Mr Joachim Menezes, Mr Philip Neri Pereira, Mr Faustine Pinto, Mr Benet D’Souza, Mr Victor D’Cunha, Mr Jerald Aranha. May God shower his choicest blessings on all our donors. We specially thank our donor Twin Conference Australia for their constant support. We are indebted to all the Christ faithful of the Gantalkatte Pasish who encourage us through matter and spirit.

At the end we invite all of you who are interested towards the poor and the needy to join hands together with the association St Vincent De Paul.

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