1.    Brief history of Catholic Sabha
Catholic Sabha is an association of Catholics at Mangalore Diocese which exist with the permission of Bishop of Mangalore. Its registered number is 132/87-88. In the year 1997 Catholic Sabha association got affiliation under ‘All Indian Catholic Union’. The birth of the Catholic Sabha came into forum after Vatican II Council. The Council lifted up the role of the laity in the missionary activity of the Church. Laity needs to be included in the effective apostolic works. Laity is obliged under Priestly, Prophetic, and Kingly role of the Christ. These are the main resolutions of Vatican II for the betterment of the laity. This association helps the laity to involve themselves in political administration, which will bestow positive effects on society. Catholics can by this take lead in society to face the challenges which are ahead of them. In Mangalore Catholic Sabha came into existence on 23rd April, 1979, in order, to improve the laity’s role in the Church and in the society.

2.    Birth of Catholic Sabha at Gantalkatte

Under the motto of service, sacrifice and unity, this universal mission of Catholic Sabha, inaugurated on October 6, 1996, at Gantalkatte, with the able shepherd ship of Rev. Fr Antony Lewis. During this occasion President Mr Valerian Sequeira, Catholic Sabha Moodubidri Deanery, Secretary Mr Vincent Pinto were present. Mr Jossey Pinto was elected as the first president of Gantalkatte Catholic Sabha association.

Following are the President and Secretaries who served this association from the year 1996 to 2002 – 03.
1996 – 97    Jossy Menezes    Victor D’Cunha
1997 – 98    JossyMenezes    Jerald Pinto
1998 – 99    John Mendes    Jerald Pinto
1999 – 00    John Mendes    Deniel D’Silva
2000 – 01    Gracy Lasrado    Deniel D’Silva
2001 – 02    Gracy Lasrado    Mary Pereira
2002 – 03    Alwyn Menezes    Jerald Pinto

3.    Prominent activities conducted by Gantalkatte Catholic Sabha
1.    Awareness against alcoholism
2.    Seminars on political awareness and leadership
3.    Seminar on agriculture information
4.    Family life input sessions
5.    Seminar on consumers rights
6.    Seminar on social mannerism
7.    Law information camp
8.    Information on banking
9.    Political facilities
10.     Aids awareness
11.     Distribution of uniform to the poor students
12.     Census of the degree holders
13.     Benefit shows for the economic development
14.     Information on basic needs
15.     Old age peoples’ day
16.     Campaign for the ‘Janavahini’ daily newspaper
17.     Public vanamahotsa celebration
18.     Public meeting with the police
19.     Protest for the injustice done to the christians
20.     Financial help to build the houses of poor people
21.     Blessing over the vehicles
22.    Teachers’ day celebration
23.    Fellowship meet
24.     Distribution of rice for the poor people on the day of Mary’s nativity
25.    Visit and donation to orphanage
26.    Visit to the hospital
27.     Name board of the Church
28.     Display of good wishes banners for the non – Christians feasts’.
29.     Cleaning of the bus – stand
30.     Census of the physically disabled people
31.     Plastic awareness
32.     Visit to the parish sick people
33.     Independence day celebration
34.     Picnic
35.     Water irrigation programme
36.     Elocution competition
37.    Lucky dip

Our association under the President ship of Mr John Mendes, 1998 – 99, 99 – 2002 and Mrs Gracy Machado 200o – 01, obtained consecutive three years ‘Best association’ award  at Moodubidri deanery for the dedicated work and service we rendered in the Varado. Mr John Mendes has served as the President of Moodubidri deanery committeeof Catholic Sabha for the year 2001 – 01, 2001 – 02, he was also the member of Diocesan Catholic Sabha Committee in the year 2000 – 01. Adding feather to his achievements, under his President ship Moodubidri deanery Catholic Sabha won ‘Best association of the Diocese’ in the year 2000 – 01. Mr Wilfred D’Cunha of our unit has served as the secretary of Moodubidri deanery committee of Catholic Sabha for the year 2000 – 01, and for the year 2002 – 03, he was the treasurer of central committee of Catholic Sabha. Mrs Gracy Lasrado for the year 2001 – 02 has served as woman delegate at Moodubidri deanery committee of Catholic Sabha. She has also served for the year 2002 – 03 as the Asst Secretary of Moodubidri Deanery committee of Catholic Sabha. Our founder President Mr Jossy Menezes has been the member of Municipal Corporation. This is a issue of contentment for all of us.

In the year 1996 our unit began with 36 members and at present we have 70 members and almost 50 subscriber of the ‘Sandesh’ monthly bulletin of Catholic Sabha. Our Desire is to have at least one member from each family. We invite all those who have attained 18 years of age to join the catholic sabha. Even though we have much goodness in us, we feel we have certain week portion. For instance: Lack of unity, encouragement to help others, unsatisfied family conditions, alcoholism etc. Non Christians have organised their community in a systematic manner. They have entered to the Government offices and administration. Though the Muslims are 20% they have the ability to vibrate the nation. It’s because of their organised strength. We are just 3% but the service we render toward the education and health is equivalent to 23%. But still our government does not accept ourselves. It’s because we lack the unity. Catholic sabha is a forum to bring all the Christians under one roof and to work efficiently for the development of humankind.

Innovative thinking, new direction with Christian value and pursuing the social service is our basic motto of work. Let’s make use of all the opportunities which we receive for the goodness of all the humankind. We are grateful to Rev. Fr Antony Lewis who was the cause for the beginning of catholic sabha at Gantalkatte, Late Rev. Fr Isidore Monteiro and Rev. Fr Lawrence Martis who strengthen the works of catholic sabha at Gantalkatte, Rev. Fr Micheal Santhumayor and Rev. Fr Anil D’Souza who actualised the desires of Catholic Sabha at Gantalkatte. We are indebted to all the presidents of Catholic Sabha Gantalkatte for their selfless service.

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